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This section is intended to provide summary information about the sport od IDPA Shooting.

  1. SAFETY FIRST - The 4 Laws of Gun Safety
    • 1st Law - The Gun Is Always Loaded!
    • 2nd Law - Never Point A Gun At Something You're Not Prepared To Destroy!
    • 3rd Law - Always Be Sure Of Your Target And What Is Behind It!
    • 4th Law - Keep Your Finger Off The Trigger Until Your Sights Are On The Target!

    We engage in different shooting scenarios designed to test combinations of shooting skill, tactics, speed, accuracy and stress.

    We strive to practice realistic skills and scenarios that can emulate real situations allowing the shooter develop and maintain real defensive shooting skills.

    Typically the exercises can be one of the following:
      Standard Exercises: - Tests the shooters firearm handling and shooting skills.
      Speed Shoots: - Fast stages with emphasis on speed and accuracy.
      Scenarios: - Stages that emulate real world situations often involving                         movement, reloading of firearms and use of cover.

    We engage targets that broadly represent a human torso and more often then not are covered with a T-Shirt.
    We also engage reactive steel plates and pepper poppers.A time penalty is given for inaccurate or missed shots.

    The Firearms and gear we use are all intended to be usable on a day to day basis (Carry). Even though we are a sport the underlying premise is to practice with equipment that is available to the average man.

    All firearms have to comply with IDPA rules. A minimum of 3 magazines for the firearm you are shooting is recommended.

    Your belt is extremely important since it is the foundation of your shooting platform.
    A wide, thick leather belt is recommended. See IDPA RULE BOOK .
    Several of our sponsors would happily assist you with most equipment required for your sport. See SPONSORS

    Shooting glasses are required to protect your eyesight against flying lead splinters that very rarely ricochet off steel plates as well as potential metal and powder debris that may occur should you have a round blow up due to double charge OR gun failure.

    Ear Protection is required and is recommended you purchase the best equipment you can afford.

    Strong pants with numerous belt loops are recommended.
    Your shirt should be long enough to be tucked in properly and we recommend that a smooth shirt is preferable. Certain shirt material gathers and sticks to equipment and hands hampering your draw.

    A conceal garment has to be used that covers the firearms, holster, magazines and magazine pouches with arms extended.

    Your shooting bag is crucial to enjoy a pleasurable day on the range.
    The new shooter may find that the large BIG JIM plastic tool box is initially the best purchase till you decide what you require.
    It can also double up as a range chair.

See UTILITIES for SADPA and other forms.

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